Answered By: Linda Neyer
Last Updated: Nov 11, 2022     Views: 659

Printing is available on all floors in Andruss Library, and photocopying on 3 floors. Students/staff/faculty can tap their BU ID cards on the ID-readers to print, or they can swipe their BU ID cards to use the copiers. If someone does not have a BU ID card, including PA Resident Borrowers, they can print on the 2nd and 3rd floors by entering their login information using the attached keyboards. Public patrons should ask at the 1st floor desk if they need to photocopy something.

1ST 2 ID-reader none
2ND 2 ID-reader; 1 keyboard entry 1 ID-swiped
3RD 2 ID-reader; 1 keyboard entry 1 ID-swiped
4TH 2 ID-reader 1 ID-swiped


In addition to the black and white printers, there are 2 color printers on the 1st floor. The color printers can only be used if you are logged into one of the 6 nearby computers. Three of these computers also have scanners attached, and scans can be printed as an alternative to photocopying.


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