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Assuming you have written an entire paragraph that is a paraphrase from another article and you want to know how to cite it, the answer is it will depend on what citation style you're using. MLA and APA are the two most commonly used citation styles.

In the case of MLA (used in the humanities, English, etc.), you may insert an in-text citation at the end of your paragraph to the original article and include the page numbers. Take a look at the Research and Documentation Online site for 'Repeated citations from the same source' for a more in depth explanation. You may also want to view a sample paper, which illustrates how to cite in-text in MLA.

In the case of APA (used in the social sciences, including business, education, etc.) you may cite the original source after every sentence, but that would be a bit redundant. The APA Style Blog in their post, 'Citing Paraphrased Work in APA Style,' suggests several different, acceptable approaches, one of which is to make it clear that the entire paragraph refers to the same article by repeating the author's name and/or using the appropriate he/she pronoun in the paragraph. For example:

Viglione (2010) suggests that cross-pollination and fusion of musical genres over the last 2 decades has exposed children to a diversity of musical styles. He points out that technology has also made possible the distribution and sharing of music in exciting new ways. Music is shared through social media sites, analyzed and tailored for the individual listener via sites like Pandora, and simply given away by musicians on their websites. As a result, he argues, in the future, children will likely develop eclectic musical tastes early and expect a diversity of musical styles at younger and younger ages.

Basically for any style, make it clear in your narrative what source you are paraphrasing, through the use of pronouns and signal phrases (i.e., the author's name(s), date, and page #s). Ask your instructor for guidance as well.

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