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In my undergrad days, I did a paper on Martin Luther and the Library I used had the 55-78 vols of Luther's Works (1955).

I understand your want/need to use this.  Luther wrote most to all of the content of these volumes while in the Wartburg Castle.  He was quite the writer.  He wrote on almost everything from Baptism to walks with his dog.

The dilemma is, first, that Andruss Library does not own this set.  Next, the index to the set is actually included in the set.  My best advice to you is to use the WorldCat record below.

This at least contains numbers of volumes and their topics (e.g. v. 48-50. Letters).  You may then request specific volumes through Interlibrary Loan.  It is a separate matter as to whether libraries will lend individual volumes of this set, but I recommend that you make the request.

As far as other Luther primary sources, the one that quickly comes to mind is Table Talk.  This is an ebook and you will need to access this with the link below.

Table Talk is particularly amusing, because it is a [loose] record of Luther's informal thoughts.

In general, try the link below which includes Luther as the author.

Luther, Martin, 1483-1546

Admittedly, much is in German.  If you can read German great.  There are plenty of English sources too, but watch the dates, subjects, and audiences. 


I hope that this helps.  Please let me know if these links help.  Feel free to get in touch.  I welcome the chance to talk about Luther again.


Take good care,

Michael Coffta


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