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Access many specialized software programs from any computer on campus, as well as in the Library, by using RemoteApp. RemoteApp works like a normal program but is not located on the physical computer you are using: it is located on a server. Following are some directions on how to access, using SPSS as an example.

For more info, including a complete list of software programs available through RemoteApps, consult this page.

For complete detailed instructions on using RemoteApp, consult this guide.

1. Search for the program you want to use, in this case, SPSS. In the case below, only empty folders appear, which indicates the program is not installed on the computer:

2. Next, look for RemoteApp and Desktop Connections among the programs on your computer:


3. If it's not listed as shown above then search for 'Remote App' (as two words) and select Remote App setup

4. Double-click on the link and you should get this message:

5. Click 'Next' and login on the next screen using your Husky ID/Password (students' Husky IDs will contain letters and numbers, i.e., 'abc12345'):

6. Click 'Finish'to launch RemoteApp:

7. Once connected, search for the software again, which will be listed under Programs. Double-click on the program name to open it:

8. You'll be prompted to connect to the software:

9. After which, the the software should open:

10. And you're in!

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